A stand-alone system

EasyDrape is based on telescopic uprights and floor plates.

• For hanging curtains or star cloths from 2 to 5 metres high, in a quick and easy way.

• Create elegant tunnels using the curved pipes or glass fibre rods.

• Combine EasyDrape with ShowPipe track to add curtain movement.

• 100% Rock ’n Roll proof

Compatible Accessories

All new accessories are compatible with the original system. The new coupler now makes creating great looking tunnels and pathways even easier.

Installing temporary venue decoration was never so easy thanks to the adjustable Uprights and new EasyDrape drape supports.

Create free standing double temporary walls with standard drapes thanks to the double Velcro finishing.

NEW EasyDrape Parts

The new EasyDrape is now even easier to use thanks to the versatile coupler and telescopic horizontal drape supports with double Velcro.

The flexible couplers make it possible to install the EasyDrape system in several directions at the same time allowing for multiple corners with one coupler.

A variety of EasyDrape applications can now be built up by just one person.